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At ConnectMyVoIP, we know that selecting business phone and internet services can be complex and time-consuming.

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As an independent technology services consultant, our mission is to streamline the process of acquiring the communication tools your business needs to thrive. We take the time to deeply understand your operations, workflows, budget, and future needs. With this insight, we can match you with VOIP, cloud, or telecom systems that are tailored for your company. We handle the sourcing, contractual negotiations, onboarding, and ongoing management while providing transparent guidance every step of the way.


Make the Right Connections for Your Business

At ConnectMyVoIP, we know that selecting business phone and internet services can be complex and time-consuming.

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We analyze all internet options in your building for the best business connectivity at the right price.
Phone Systems/VoIP
VoIP enables phone calls over the internet, reducing costs and providing advanced communication .
POTS/Analog Lines
Analog POTS lines are outdated and expensive; let us help you with replacements over cellular networks.
As independent consultants, we offer a complimentary needs analysis to understand your specific use case and recommend customized telecom and connectivity solutions.
Onboarding & Support
For clients seeking a turnkey experience, our optional White Glove Onboarding service handles every detail of deploying your new telecom solution.


We strive to be a long-term partner, regularly reviewing your infrastructure and capabilities as your business evolves. Continuous optimization and the latest innovations help you stay competitive. Contact us today to discuss how modernizing your communication systems can drive productivity, collaboration, and bottom-line growth. We’re ready to streamline success.

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Next level quality in IT solutions

Creative & Professional digital agency!

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Why choose connectMyVoIP

If you’re planning a project we’d love to chat and discuss your ideas, and explain the journey ahead in an easy-to-understand way.

We’ve helped many happy clients unlock value from their business through standout design, presented in an easy way, and tailored to ensure your build remains on budget.

High-Quality Calls

While call quality in VoIP has historically been a concern, advancements in technology have significantly improved voice clarity and reduced latency issues.

White Glove onboarding

Professional onboarding team to ensure a smooth transition. 


 If you encounter disruptions in your VoIP service, having round-the-clock support can help you get back up and running as soon as possible.

Easy Maintenance

VoIP systems generally have a simpler infrastructure than traditional phone systems, which can result in easier maintenance and troubleshooting.

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More than 150+ vendors in our portfolio


What They say about us

"I was very pleased with the implementation of our Goto phone system. Tara made the entire process smooth and seamless, and she was always there to answer any questions I had. She clearly explained the process and kept me updated on our progress all the way through."
Maureen G.
"Rodrigo did a great job in transferring our service and setting us up on the new GoTo system. Also very good training, from showing us how to operate our phones to helping us out with issues after our service had transferred to GoTo"
Tina B.
"Thank you Jen for helping us set up our new zoom phones. You were incredibly helpful, supportive, and were always available to answer our questions, both by email and phone. You went above and beyond to make sure that phones were provisioned and training provided to our office staff."
Jose R.
"Kudos to Jen for her support with our VOIP phone system. Specifically, her availability in uploading clips for our phone tree. I know that Jen does more than just update phone trees but for me, doing just that and in a timely manner, is everything when I need to get it done. I appreciate her "most excellent" support!"
"Our school recently made the switch to Gotoconnect and we've been extremely impressed with ConnectMyVoIP and the solution Nathan offered to us. The transition from our old Mitel was really simple but we honestly could not have done it without them..."
Jack K.
"To Kirstie. I want to thank you and your team for helping us set up the new phone system. The integration was seamless. So far everything appears to be working fine with no issues. I will keep you updated if we experience any issues. What amazes me is how your team is on top of everything. Thank you"
Leo V.
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